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Circle with Roanne

Circle is a monthly gathering where women gather to come back, full CIRCLE, to themselves. Despite pop culture, women desire connection, support, and authentic relationships with other women. They want to stop carrying all the burdens. They want to learn how to trust themselves and one another more. They want to find their inner joy and peace. They want to be fully themselves. Circle happens under the energy of the full moon so we can utilize its energy in our own internal healing.

This event is virtual with a pay-what-you-wish model.

Registration/payment closes one hour before the start of each Circle.

No Circles are currently scheduled.

Why Circle:


C - Compassion

I - Insight

R - Rest; so we can find

C - Confidence

L - Liberty

E - Ease

~ A place for women to belong - to themselves, to a community.

~ A safe and sacred place to pursue your personal change/growth.

~ Sustainable change is holistic, inner change; change that sticks. When we tap into our feminine energy, change happens with more ease, joy, peace.

~ A space with the permission to be vulnerable, real, and authentic.

~ A place to give and receive empathy and compassion.

~ To take a step in the direction of Divine Abundance. The Universe always says "Yes", but we must go first. We must ask and we must demonstrate by showing up. When we commit and show up for what we want, the Universe responds with a resounding "Yes" for what we want. If we play small, then the Universe's "Yes" is in response to your playing small. So what do you want the Universe to say "Yes" to?


What to bring to Circle:

_ Journal

_ Pen

_ Water

_ Ritual items (crystals, cards, items from nature, sentimental items). These items will be placed on the altar to receive the energy of Circle.

_ Headphones (if in an area with other noises)

_A friend - gather a friend to your space to attend together. (Zoom link must not be shared.)

When is Circle?

No Circles are currently scheduled.


All Circles are currently held via Zoom. Link will be emailed 24 hours, and 1 hour prior to Circle

Guidelines: Please read prior to attending CIRCLE.



Anything another woman shares during the CIRCLE will be kept within the CIRCLE. If you are inspired by another woman’s story, please ask the woman first whether you can share that story anonymously or with her name outside of the CIRCLE.



You are invited to be in your own experience, letting go of any caretaking or fixing inclinations that may arise when a woman is sharing. This means no advice-giving or commenting. Give your sister the opportunity to speak and be heard. Also, please ask for permission before touching another woman (hugs or in any other way).


Language and Sharing

• Please share succinctly, one person at a time. Acknowledge the share with "thank you", "I see you," or I love you".

• This is a no-sorry zone. Here we practice no longer apologizing, offering justifications, or explanations for who we are, how we feel, or what we think. If you catch yourself saying “I’m sorry” you can say “oops!” instead.

• To create a CIRCLE that honors our different experiences, you are invited to speak with “I” statements to share your truth rather than “We” statements that can be generalizations. (Example: “We often get overwhelmed with life,” to “I often get overwhelmed.”) Together we can support each other in having greater authenticity and clarity in our speaking.

• Remember to listen with respect, compassion, and curiosity.

• Let your words arise from this present moment, from your heart. When another woman is sharing, listen deeply to her, rather than thinking about what you are going to say when it’s your turn. Be curious about what will come up for you when it’s your turn to speak.



• Emotions are natural and beautiful waves that ebb and flow during CIRCLE. You are invited to welcome and feel whatever arises for you during our CIRCLE.

• If you need to step outside for a moment to catch your breath, please let us know you’re leaving before you go.

• Your tears are sacred and embraced in this space.

• If uncomfortable feelings arise, know they are a natural part of the transformation process.



• This is a judgment-free zone, you are invited to practice self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

• Together let’s encourage and welcome diverse points of view.



• No taking screenshots, photos. (You may take photos only if other women agree to this collectively. Let them know there will be an optional group photo afterwards if you are choosing to do that.)

• If you feel you need to leave the CIRCLE at any time please wait until a woman has stopped speaking and raise your hand so we can give you a moment to share your reason for leaving the sacred space.

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